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How effective are male condoms?

Safe Sex
Condoms are an effective method for preventing pregnancy, HIV, and other sexually transmitted infections. But how effective are they?

Do LGBT people need birth control? 

Sexual Diversity
This may not have crossed your mind but one thing is for sure, they also need safe, pleasurable sex.

Can I have sex during Corona?

Safe Sex
In this time of social distancing, quarantine, and isolation....can we still have sex?

What is the future for sex work?

Safe Sex
Some say removing criminal bans will create safer environments for sex work; abolitionists say the sex trade normalises the use of vulnerable bodies.

How do you protect yourself during sex?

Safe Sex
Having safe sex is important to prevent the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases and different individuals have found ways to protect themselves from contracting any infections.

No condom? Too messy!

Safe Sex
In a monogamous long-term relationship, a couple can choose to ditch the condom for another form of contraception. But then you’re stuck with a mess…

Five reasons to glove your love

STI Prevention
Why do we see condoms as a barrier to sexual pleasure? Make friends with condoms and you will realise that they are capable of so much more than just preventing pregnancy!

Female condoms: top facts

Safe Sex
You’ve heard of, and probably used, condoms before. But do you have any experience with female condoms? Check out all the facts here.