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Enjoying a healthy sex life while living with HIV

STI Prevention
Sexual activities do not have to be off the table because you’re living with HIV. You can have sex or be in a sexual relationship if you have HIV.

6 commonly asked questions about dental dams

STI Prevention
Did you know that you can catch or pass an STI through oral sex? I bet you didn’t!

What should I do if the condom broke?

STI Prevention
What do you do if you notice a tear in the condom after pulling out? Or semen leaking out? Or feel the condom break?

I have HIV, will my unborn baby contract it?

STI Prevention
Musyoki and Mueni were born with HIV, they both died before their fifth birthday. I worry the same fate will befall my unborn child.

7 excuses men give to avoid wearing condom

STI Prevention
Most men don’t like condoms thus they give lame excuses to avoid wearing them.

How do you protect yourself during sex?

Safe Sex
Having safe sex is important to prevent the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases and different individuals have found ways to protect themselves from contracting any infections.

Why are we ashamed of buying condoms?

Birth Control
Why can't we buy condoms confidently like we buy Mutura or boiled eggs?

Re-using condoms: a risky festivity

STI Prevention
Valentines' Day is focused on romantic love. Be sure you take care of your romantic counterpart by using condoms right.