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How do you protect yourself during sex?

Safe Sex
Having safe sex is important to prevent the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases and different individuals have found ways to protect themselves from contracting any infections.

Why is there still shame around buying condoms?

Birth Control
A Nigerian man walks into a pharmacy to get condoms. He has planned an exciting night with his partner and his intention is to be safe while they have sex. There’s no one in the pharmacy and he whispers to the pharmacist to give him his favourite brand of condoms.

Re-using condoms: a risky festivity

STI Prevention
Valentines' Day is focused on romantic love. Be sure you take care of your romantic counterpart by using condoms right.

Five reasons to glove your love

STI Prevention
Why do we see condoms as a barrier to sexual pleasure? Make friends with condoms and you will realise that they are capable of so much more than just preventing pregnancy!

Preventing HIV/AIDS with PEP

STI Prevention
After rape, some women are treated so they can’t get HIV/AIDS. Would this also work if you had unprotected sex and you suspect your partner to be HIV-positive?

PrEP: top facts

STI Prevention
Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is an important step towards achieving zero new HIV infections. But few people know what PrEP actually is.