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HIV: living positive-ly

The year is almost over at last! December 1 was World Aids Day, and we shared a few tips and pointers on dealing with PEP and PrEP. In this article, we talk to someone who is living positively with their HIV positive status.

How do you protect yourself during sex?

Safe Sex
Having safe sex is important to prevent the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases and different individuals have found ways to protect themselves from contracting any infections.

Why does my partner want me to get tested for STIs?

My husband said I should go and get tested for STIs. But he has refused to come with me, or even tell me why he is insisting on me doing the test.

Yeast infections: top facts

An itch, a burn. That’s how it starts. And then it gets worse. Most women are familiar with this feeling: getting a yeast infection.

HIV: burying my parents

My father committed suicide when he found out he was HIV-positive. In Kenya in 1997, HIV was considered a death sentence. He chose to speed up the process.

HIV: what to expect when getting tested

We talk a lot HIV but don’t know what to expect when getting tested. To help you with the experience, we’ll walk you through what happens in a testing room.

My first time using HIV self-test

HIV self-testing kits were launched in Kenya about a few years ago. High time we try and review them, don't you think?

Preventing HIV/AIDS with PEP

STI Prevention
After rape, some women are treated so they can’t get HIV/AIDS. Would this also work if you had unprotected sex and you suspect your partner to be HIV-positive?