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How do you protect yourself during sex?

By Love Matters November 22, 11:07 am
Having safe sex is important to prevent the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases and different individuals have found ways to protect themselves from contracting any infections.

On this episode of LM Naija Vox, Young Nigerians in Lagos let us know how they protect themselves during sex.

Love Matters advises the use of condoms and other forms of contraceptives during sex. You can also speak to a doctor or counsellor who can advise on how you can protect yourself based on your sexual needs.

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'LM Naija Vox!' is aimed at having young people answer some of the questions that other young people ask our Love Matters moderators on social media and our website.

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Hi Chris, thank you for reaching out. What about your symptoms suggest that you have gonorrhea? Since this is a medical issue we strongly advise you see a medical professional for a comprehensive diagnosis.  All will be well!

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