Top Five Facts: Penis

Penis: top five facts

By Steph Haase July 12, 10:53 am
Penises come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes... But what's normal? And can you really tell the length of a man's penis by looking at his nose? Do all men have spontaneous erections? And what exactly is an ejaculation?
Sizes around the world

Let's talk about size. When soft, a penis is usually between 6 and 13 centimeters long. An erect one gets somewhere between 7 and 17 centimeters. Compared to large penises, smaller ones often grow more in size when they become erect.

The size of your penis will also depend on your ethnic background. Men of African descent have slightly longer and wider penises compared to European men, who have medium-sized penises. If you come from an Asian background, you are likely to have a slightly more narrower and shorter penis, the World Health Organization says.

  Like nose, like penis?

So, can you really tell how big a man's penis is by looking at his nose? Or his feet? If you are curious about a man's penis size, it’s actually his hands you should sneak a peek at. The longer a man's ring finger compared to his index finger, the longer his penis is likely to be, South Korean researchers say.

The more testosterone the man was exposed to when he was still just a baby growing in his mother’s womb, the longer his ring finger will be. But it’s not just the length of his ring finger it affects, but also the length of his penis.

But... does size actually matter?

So now you may be looking down at your fingers wondering if size really matters. It turns out that girth (the thickness of a penis) is actually more important to satisfy your partner because that's what stimulates large areas of the vagina.

And penis sizes aside, women also find a stable relationship and their partner's other physical features, like hair, very important factors for a satisfying sex life! 


When you are sexually aroused, your penis becomes hard and gets bigger – you have an erection. It's pretty common for a man to have spontaneous, unwanted erections. While they may be embarrassing, they are perfectly normal. This can also happen at night, usually three to five times every night! 

Sperm and ejaculation

When you get really aroused, you can have an orgasm and ejaculate. This means that a sticky, whitish fluid comes out of your penis. This happens when you masturbate or have sex. But also in your sleep, which is called a 'wet dream’, ‘night fall’ or ‘nocturnal emission’. Like masturbation, wet dreams are completely natural and harmless – except that you wake up feeling a bit sticky!

The older you get, the more sperm you produce. So the first semen you ejaculate contains very little sperm. A couple of years later though, there'll be 900 million or more sperm per ejaculation.


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Did you learn something new?

Hi Alex, after masturbating, you will feel happier, less stressed and sexually satisfied. There are no negative effects. Please check out our Top Five Facts on masturbation for more information.
Lydia shieh
Wed, 01/22/2014 - 09:22 pm
Hae thea, would like to know if its normal for a lady to have sex yet they dont feel the swit side of it,ez in you are not aroused nn you dont enjoy it at all???
Hi Lydia, unfortunately, that can be true for some women. Many women don't know their own bodies well enough to know what they want in bed, and men aren't mind readers (and frankly, they are a bit mystified by women's bodies...). So women need to know what they want and communicate that to the men they sleep with if they want to have satisfying sex.
Merrynd benniey
Wed, 01/22/2014 - 11:23 pm
Datz really gud, bt hw abt virgina? You find at times,there are more watery and otherz are dry!wat might be da problem?
Hi Merrynd, there is no problem, that's totally normal. Vaginas, just like penises, vary in their shapes, sizes, smells and all other qualities. How wet or dry they are depends on a bunch of different factors as well, most importantly, the level of arousal. The more aroused a woman is, the wetter the vagina is. Check out our top five facts on the vagina, and the her body section for more information.
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