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What Obstetric Fistula looks like

This story is a reality for many women.

Maybe I don't want children!

If motherhood is the greatest act one can carry out as a woman, what does it mean for women who can’t bear children? What about those who won’t?

Let's talk about sex education

In a world that is changing so fast, the way we talk to young Kenyans needs to change as well.

A wedding you can call your own

Do you know what the starter pack for any wedding is? The bare minimum? The least you need to get married?

Loving yourself

You are your first love!

He did not get consent!

Believe the victim, because anyone, even the person you don't think can be, can be an abuser.

Boys who don't want just 'one thing'

Not all the guys you're dating only want one thing - the way we are taught in school. Some guys are not actually interested in sex...

Should you move in with your partner during Corona?

Coronavirus is here to stay, and this is the new normal. Does that mean you can take your relationship to a new normal too?

Turned on by disability?

A devotee is a person who is sexually aroused and attracted to disability or body disfigurement.

What Father's Day means to me

For me, Father's Day is the day I revisit some of the most painful moments I shared with my father.

Hypersexuality, mental health & childhood trauma in men

What do you tell young men who were manipulated into sex and they were forced to do things they didn’t want to when their brains froze?

Rediscovering intimacy after disability

Doing 'it' is all you think about when you're hormonal and young. What happens, then, after an accident that changes your life forever?