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Disabled and LGBT: double the trouble

'Disabled people have no interest in sex, right? And, if they do, they are straight only. A disabled LGBT person? Now that's just crazy talk!' Absolutely not!

Does sex feel better without a condom?

What if your boyfriend can't orgasm with a condom on? What comes first for you: pleasure or safety? Or can you have both?

Kinda sorta safe-ish days

'Safe days' – the time frame of your cycle when you won't get pregnant, even if you have unprotected sex. At least in theory...

Dating: getting turned down

When you're trying to date, it all begins with the ask. To ask someone if they want to go on a date with you or not, or want to sleep with you or not – after all, it's polite.

The perfect way to ask someone out

You have been admiring her from a distance. Now you just have to ask her out on a date. Easy, right? No, terrifying. But it doesn't have to be...

Knowing yourself – the biblical way

Is masturbation the most unchristian relationship you can have with your body?

We are pro-life – but only when we are ready for kids

I don’t think I’ve met a Nigerian who doesn’t frown upon abortion. But we don't applaud the women who choose to be single mothers either. Either way, the girls are seen as wayward.

Gender norms: silent relationship killers

It’s a different world we’re living in. Women are no longer expected to be superhumans who take care of every task and person in their home while holding down a job.

Dating with a disability

Dating is hard: getting to know someone and building a connection can be nerve-wracking. As differently abled, those obstacles triple. I’ve had my share of trouble finding love.

Sex and money

Do men feel exploited by women? Do they like taking care of their girlfriends? What do they expect in return? Is it normal to exchange sexual favours for money today?

How to deal with in-laws

‘In Africa, a person doesn’t marry an individual. You marry an entire family.’

You had sex... where?

Do you want to switch up your sexy time routine? Some people do that by having sex in weird places. Get inspired by these stories.