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Premature ejaculation: a deterrent to good sex?

Sex is great. I think we can all agree on that. It’s great for a lot of reasons and because you can connect even more intimately with someone you like or love.

Single on V-Day: getting through the day of love

I've spent Valentine's on both sides of singlehood: first as a 'forever single person' at peace with spending it alone, then as someone used to being with a partner.

Dear clitoris: you're gone and I'll never see you again

‘Why did they cut you when you didn’t pose a threat to anyone? Why did they deny me sexual pleasure by getting rid of you?’

Is being 'dickmatised' a thing?

Sisters have fought over men, paid all their bills, travelled to places they’d never been, cooked and cleaned, overlooked a trifling brother.

Why are men so obsessed with penis size?

And: what exactly is a big penis? Does big translate to good in bed? Is it wrong to want it to be bigger? Let’s see if we can answer these questions!

Spread and snap: the problem with revenge porn

The act of courting has gone digital. Slowly but surely four-page letters and love notes are replaced by emails, sexting, sending disappearing pictures on various apps.

Do women have anal sex to stay virgins?

Before you start squeezing your face, think back to when you weren't ready (or willing) to give up the cookie yet. Remember the little manipulations you had to do?

Getting pregnant: when you can't seem to have a baby

You'd think that getting pregnant was a quick thing. Most people remember the horror stories told by adults, and threats to not come home with babies.

Deadbeat relationships: knowing when to let go

Nobody prepares you for a bad relationship, so you go into every single one with the belief that it will be as good as your fantasies. Until it's time to say goodbye.

No more deadbeat men

No luck in the dating department? Are the men interested in you either straight-up losers or show their deadbeat side once you've gone on a few dates?

What it's like to be openly 'out' in Nigeria

The Nigerian LGBT-activist Pamela Adie shares with Love Matters what it's like to be rejected over something she can't control and talks about her life as an openly lesbian woman.

Period sex: yay or nay?

Some people are grossed out at the idea of having sex with a bleeding woman; while others really enjoy it. What's the deal: is period sex great or gross?