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Leaving homophobia behind

It isn't complicated really; either you are aroused by the opposite sex or you are not.

Married during COVID-19: what's our plan?

I'm married during these times of COVID-19, and we're both trying to find strength in our differences.

Celibacy: think you could do it?

Why would anyone choose to not have sex?

Celebrating women's month with all the women in me

It is women’s history month and as I observe it today with my bottle of fine wine and multiple self-induced orgasms, I think of how much I love and enjoy being a woman.

Why do men pay for sex?

If we want safety and dignity for sex workers, then we must also pay attention to the men who visit them. 

Is Valentine's Day that big a deal?

My life is too short to settle for just one day to show love.

How do queer Christians live with religion and sexuality?

Many queer people are religious in their own right, but there is a clash between their choices, scripture's rejection and other queer people's contempt of organized religion.

What to do when you meet a mansplainer!

By virtue of being a man, one becomes an expert in multiple fields, and must therefore explain all things to women.

Safety first: tips for navigating homophobia

Restrictive laws and cultural norms means African queer reality is rife with cases of psychological & physical trauma. The queer individuals' stories below outline some tips to help you keep safe as you navigate queer-phobia.

Not all men...

We started this rallying call and hashtag to speak out against the rampant sexual and physical abuse of women at the hands of men. It was urgent to call them out because men were and are literally killing us.

The power of 16 Days of Activism

Every year we demand a change and demand an end to violence. But the violence persists.

Would I have an abortion again?

I was an adult fully capable of raising a child. Capable of caring for a child. Capable of bearing a child. But I did not want one.