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Premature ejaculation: the bane of all men

Dude is ready to 'knack' a 'set' babe, he 'dives' in, and emerges seconds later with a sheepish look on his face. A patronizing look on the girl’s face. He is mortified.

Harassment at work: you aren't imagining it

Harassment in the workplace can be complicated. As terrible as sexual harassment is, it isn’t the only way a person can feel worthless or threatened at work.

It's not just about not hitting good women

When you think about violence against women, what do you think? Instantly we go to an image of a man physically beating a woman.

Being yourself at work: why it matters

How well do you know your colleagues? Like, really know them. Not much, probably. We often keep personal conversations away at work.

HIV: burying my parents

My father committed suicide when he found out he was HIV-positive. In Kenya in 1997, HIV was considered a death sentence. He chose to speed up the process.

Tinder: just casual sex?

A few swipes left, a few swipes right, and with a bit of luck, you are going on a date. But, with Tinder dates, should you expect casual sex or a chance at long-term love?

Manly and masculine: what does that mean, anyway?

Is gender just a title limited to the genitalia you are born with or is it so much more?

How to shoot your shot: the Naija dating guide

What do you do when you are attracted to another human but are terribly afraid of shooting your shot?

What to do when you can't get pregnant

You've been trying to get pregnant for a while, and now you are starting to panic. Something may be wrong. While this is very common, it can be really scary.

Who pays on a date?

Compared to their older counterparts, women our age are more empowered. Privilege is being questioned, including the burning query: who gets to pay on a date?

To keep or not to keep: the abortion dilemma

A reminder popped up on my phone: 'your period is due in two days.' I closed the reminder and forgot all about it. Until two weeks later...

Why you can't blame a mini-skirt

Women in Kenya have been publicly stripped for ‘indecent dressing’. Some say that a mini-skirt ban would help resolve this 'moral dilemma'. Unfortunately, the dilemma goes much, much deeper…