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Readers of Love Matters tell of their own experiences – from when they got dumped or when they found a lump. And feel free to share your stories.

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Turned on by disability?

A devotee is a person who is sexually aroused and attracted to disability or body disfigurement.

What Father's Day means to me

For me, Father's Day is the day I revisit some of the most painful moments I shared with my father.

Hypersexuality, mental health & childhood trauma in men

What do you tell young men who were manipulated into sex and they were forced to do things they didn’t want to when their brains froze?

Rediscovering Intimacy after disability

Doing 'it' is all you think about when you're hormonal and young. What happens, then, after an accident that changes your life forever?

Children are a choice

Everyone assumes that everyone should want to have children. For many couples, that is not the case.

A sapiosexual's search for love

If you are sexually attracted to someone who is intelligent, then you're probably a sapiosexual. Does that make it easier or harder to find love?

A sex therapist’s thoughts: love, sex and relationships

Childhood can affect how you behave in your adulthood, especially around love, sex, and relationships. Our in-house sex therapist explains exactly how.

Sex after thirty!

One minute you're young and carefree. The next, you're over thirty and your favourite sex position is sleep. How much better or worse does sex get after thirty?

Dating with a disability

A grisly road accident left me paralyzed from my armpits down. Within seconds, I went from being a normal 20-year-old university student to being a highly dependent quadriplegic.

Being a better man

I believe that part of being a better man means learning how to take better care of my relationships, and being a better learner.

Good listeners have great sex!

It took me a while, but I discovered (with great joy) the similarities between great sex and great conversation.

Leaving homophobia behind

It isn't complicated really; either you are aroused by the opposite sex or you are not.