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Fiancé received oral sex: should I leave him?

Relationship Problems
My fiancé got oral sex from a sex worker during his bachelor party. He's been apologising for it ever since. Should I call off the wedding?

Is marriage overrated?

Thinking about Marriage
Marriage is under closer scrutiny now than ever before. Questions about purpose, durability, and even the prudence in pitching one’s tent with another person have been raised.

Dear future husband

Thinking about Marriage
If you propose to me in style, I will destroy you. And say 'no'.

Can I marry someone I met on Facebook?

Meeting Someone
I have met a guy on Facebook and we fell in love. Is it okay to marry someone I only know from social media?

A honeymoon in hell

Thinking about Marriage
Maureen’s world crashed when she discovered her husband texting his ex-girlfriend on their honeymoon. Find out how she walked out of her recent marriage…

I love two ladies, whom should I marry?

Thinking about Marriage
I am 34 and single. I love two ladies. One is my age, works, has a lot of cash, never cooks or cleans my house, and rarely visits – she claims to be too busy.

Meeting your partner's parents: do's and don'ts

Thinking about Marriage
You thought nothing is scarier than asking someone out? Think again. Something even scarier is coming your way. Meeting the parents. But stop worrying now, we have got the ultimate guide to getting it right.