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A wedding you can call your own

Married Life
Do you know what the starter pack for any wedding is? The bare minimum? The least you need to get married?

Things to know before you get married

Married Life
I am not an expert in marriage. I am a married man with expert analysis on my own marriage.

The real reason men are raising other men's children

Relationship Problems
Why do women plant cuckoos in their husband’s nests?

To have or not to have kids?

Married Life
Having kids in a personal choice. Some families might choose to have just one, three or even none. The ideal number for you might not be the same for another family.

No feelings for husband

Married Life
I am married but have no feelings for my husband. Never had. I like him, and he's a good friend. But nothing more. What can I do?

Wedding night sex: do's and don'ts

Married Life
No matter how well you know your partner or how little, wedding night sex can still be tense. After the stress of the wedding, you may well feel nervous about the sex – especially if it's your first time. Read on to find out how to cope.