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7 things people don’t like about oral sex

Oral sex is a crowd pleaser and most people rejoice in giving and/or receiving it. Some, particularly men, go as far as saying that oral sex or blowjob is far pleasurable than sex.

The main reason some people love blowjobs is that they feel taken care of and that it gives them much pleasure!

While some men and women don’t mind giving their men blow jobs, there are some things that may put them off.

  1. Pubes in the mouth

    If you are not keen on landscaping down there, there is a possibility that your partner will end up with pubic hair in their mouth. It can kill the mood if your partner has to stop to remove the pubic hair plus the hair can at times be prickly thus both annoying and terrible. If your partner is uncomfortable, consider shaving. 

  2. Bad smell

    This is a big sin. If a person’s hygiene is bad, it’s such a put-off. Some people are not keen on hygiene and they don’t believe that they smell and they could be coming from the gym and expecting a blowjob. This is especially worse with uncircumcised men. The solution here is to stay clean. 

  3. Smegma

    This is common in men who are uncircumcised. Smegma refers to that substance that collects under the foreskin of the penis. It is mostly white in color. If you’re uncut, dirt can easily sneak under the foreskin. That is why men who are uncut need to pay extra attention to cleaning. Here are tips on how to clean an uncircumcised penis

  4. Gag reflex

    Not everyone has mastered deep-throating. The mouth can only take so much so do not try to force it too far in your partner’s mouth, well unless she’s into it. The penis is not supposed to get halfway through your partner’s throat. No one wants to choke on dick! Be easy, do not thrust your penis. Let your partner guide you when it comes to how much he or she can take.

  5. Not saying you’re about to cum

    Whether your partner swallows or spits, it’s always courteous to warn them when you’re about to cum. This also includes saying you’re about to come when it’s too late. If you’re going to deposit semen in my mouth, I deserve an advance warning. Semen isn’t yogurt!

  6. To spit or to swallow

    Some partners are okay with swallowing cum while others aren’t. Ensure that you know what she/he prefers beforehand. It could be a deal-breaker if you assume that they are alright with you coming in their mouth.

  7. Being forceful

    Consent is key. When it comes to blowjobs, he or she might be put off by certain acts such as thrusting into their mouth forcefully leaving them with a gag reflex. Others may hate when you hold their head between thighs. It is very selfish to be forceful in any way uncles this has been agreed on.

Remember if you love certain acts of blowjobs and your partner doesn’t, it’s within your right to view this as a deal-breaker and the same applies to your partner.

What do you find disgusting during oral sex?

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  1. I’ve really learned a lot
    I’ve really learned a lot

    1. I have learned alot
      I have learned alot

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    These articles are helping us out here to learn more of a safe sex and we enjoying the outcomes. Keep it up ☺️

  3. Thank you so much this was…
    Thank you so much this was helpful

    1. You’re welcome Jeis!

      You’re welcome Jeis!

  4. Thanks for great lesson
    Thanks for great lesson

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    Very good information.How i wish your fb post would stop jokers from commenting.Because you got nice topics but they turn less educative because of jokers commenting

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      Hi there, 

      Thank you for your feedback. We are committed to continuing to give you educative content. We will look into it moderating conversations on FB. 

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    Thanks for the information,It’s been helpful

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    very helpfull and how to balance things between us..

  8. Back in my parent’s day, the…
    Back in my parent’s day, the only women who engaged in oral sex were prostitutes and homosexuals. When I came of age in the early 70s oral sex became expected. The worst thing that could have ever happened to women. I started having sex at 15 but not by desire but pressure. I became promiscuous in my teens. Had an active sex life until I got pregnant at age 41.I am now 65 and have been voluntary celibate for the past 20 years. I will NEVER consider having sex again even if I have to die alone.Feminism has been wonderful as far as career opportunities for women, but the sexual revolution is the worst thing that has ever happened. Receiving is even more disgusting than giving.

    1. Hi Tricia, 

      Thank you for…

      Hi Tricia, 

      Thank you for your contribution. At Love Matters, we welcome and appreciate different perspectives. just like many other things in life, oral sex is not for everyone. Celibacy has clearly worked for you, kudos! 

  9. Is it important to let her know that I’m interested in going down on her and how can I start the conversation?

    1. Hi there,
      Ask her at the right time in the right way: The best moment to ask is while kissing or during foreplay, whisper it in her ear. You can also just start by kissing her body gradually until you reach her vagina, if she’s okay, then you can continue, but if she asks you to stop, respect her wishes.

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