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A sapiosexual's search for love

Meeting Someone
If you are sexually attracted to someone who is intelligent, then you're probably a sapiosexual. Does that make it easier or harder to find love?

What you need to know about social distancing

Love & Relationships
A key recommendation in remaining safe, protecting yourself and your loved ones as the world battles to flatten the curve regarding the transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2) is social distancing.

Is Valentine's Day that big a deal?

Love & Relationships
My life is too short to settle for just one day to show love.

What healthy love looks like

Happy Relationships
The ancient Greeks classified love using four ways. We do it with five words.

Polyamory vs infidelity

Love & Relationships
Some time ago, on Nigerian twitter, there was a debate about polyamory and how it differs from cheating. From observing the conversations, I realized that people conflate polyamory and infidelity.

Safety tips for online dating

Love & Relationships
Let’s face it: It’s the digital age. We spend a lot of time on our mobile devices surfing the internet and using various social media platforms. It is inevitable that on these platforms, we will make friends and form relationships.

What exactly is wife material?

Love & Relationships
Isn’t it ridiculous how life seems to always be skewed towards one side? Rich people over poor people, straight people over gender minorities… Men over women? We’ve all talked or heard about 'wife material'.

What do you do if your partner constantly cheats on you?

Love & Relationships
Nobody likes to be cheated on and most people will want a partner who will be dedicated and committed to the relationship/arrangement they have going. However, when there is infidelity, people respond in different ways.