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How to keep long-distance love burning

By Rose Odengo February 26, 06:00 am
You have finally found the one, but how do you keep the love burning when there is distance between you? How do you make a long-distance relationship work?

Here are pointers from some couples we spoke to on how to keep the love burning, even if you aren't in the same place:


You might be in two different time zones and your lives are taking different turns. One of the most important things you need to do: communicate regularly! But it doesn’t have to be every day. Once in a while it is healthy to have some “me” time. Try to also get creative with the communication; you can leave each other video messages or even be old fashioned and send a letter or a postcard. 

Spice it up!

Sext! It spices things up and the sexual tension is also healthy for a relationship. It builds up excitement and anticipation and it is also a departure from routine updates. It keeps things from being boring. You may not be physically together but you can imagine yourselves together - that fires things up!


Do not read into things. Not being able to see and experience your partner's day to day engagements at times could send your mind spinning in the wrong direction. She didn’t answer your call yesterday? He didn't text? Don’t read too much into it. You need to trust each other and give your beau time to get back to you. Maybe it was just a long day at work and they blacked out when they got home and forgot to call. It happens. But do talk about what is upsetting you, so it doesn't become a big thing.

There needs to be a return date

It’s easier to fight to make the relationship work when you know in the near future your beau will be back home with you. A lack of a definitive return date can jeopardize things. Remember hope is what we all fight for. When you hear, 'I am not sure when or if I am coming home,' however true, that strains things and may cause frustration. How much are you willing to sacrifice to be together with your beau physically? You need to be honest with yourself about that and communicate it.

Visit your beau

It may take two years to save up, but do it and go. It is a sacrifice well worth it. And make sure you are both able to spend quality time with each other. There should be a moment for you two to take time off and enjoy being physically together. It’s all about quality time and the only thing that matters at that moment are the two of you.

Remember why you chose to be in the relationship

That should be the number one thing that you keep reminding yourself of. Separation is not a death sentence or torture. You love your partner and some sacrifices need to be made on both sides. If you genuinely understand why you are together, you can make it work.

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Hi Barbrah, 

That's great to hear! While this seems like a dream come true, I would urge you to take all the time before moving to a foreign country to live with a man you have never met in person. I am in no way saying that he is not being honest but the world we live in is not very safe especially for women. Perhaps he can first come to Uganda so that you can spend some time together? This will give you a clearer idea about who he is and whether he is who he has been presenting himself to be. If he really wants to be with you, he will be patient until you are both ready. 

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