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What exactly is wife material?

Isn’t it ridiculous how life seems to always be skewed towards one side? Rich people over poor people, straight people over gender minorities… Men over women? We’ve all talked or heard about 'wife material'.

Libido differences: matching sex drives

How can a lady sustain a relationship or marriage if the guy’s libido is higher than the lady’s libido?

She doesn't want to come to my church

My girlfriend is in a different church. She has refused to join me at my church and I'm not ready to go to her church. What can I do?

Why are men into lesbian porn?

Why do so many men seem to love the idea of watching lesbian porn?

I want my erection to stay harder for longer

I want my penis to stay erect longer. And I want it to be harder. Like really strong! What do I do?

Dating for the money

Is it good to go for expensive first dates and to experience someone with money or maybe gifts? a female reader asks. Yes. But only if you are interested, answers Valentine.

Why does my partner want me to get tested for STIs?

My husband said I should go and get tested for STIs. But he has refused to come with me, or even tell me why he is insisting on me doing the test.

Are all Nigerian women fake?

Many Nigerian girls are fake. How do I know which ones are for real? I have fallen into the trap too many times. I'd just like to meet a real girl.

Can I get an IUD?

I'm a 19-years old virgin and want an IUD but I've never had an abortion or a child. Also, is there a risk that I'll never have a baby if I use an IUD?

FGM/C and orgasm

I understand that a vagina that has undergone female genital cutting has low arousal, or rather it takes more time to orgasm and a man cannot enjoy it.

Can't orgasm during sex because I masturbated?

I've been masturbating since I was 14, I’m 25 now. Whenever I’ve had sex everything happens as expected, I get aroused and wet but don’t get an orgasm at the end of it all.

Do I have to marry someone I made pregnant?

Do I need to force myself to marry a lady simply because I got her pregnant? asks a reader. Firstly, force yourself to think about it carefully, replies Valentine.