Choosing the right birth control

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Why is there still shame around buying condoms?

Birth Control
A Nigerian man walks into a pharmacy to get condoms. He has planned an exciting night with his partner and his intention is to be safe while they have sex. There’s no one in the pharmacy and he whispers to the pharmacist to give him his favourite brand of condoms.

Kinda sorta safe-ish days

Choosing the right birth control
'Safe days' – the time frame of your cycle when you won't get pregnant, even if you have unprotected sex. At least in theory...

Can I take the e-pill before sex?

Choosing the right birth control
I heard that e-pills are most effective the sooner I take them. Can I take them before sex? And would their effect last for the whole weekend?

11 most common contraception myths

Choosing the right birth control
Contraception myths are dangerous: If you believe in the wrong ones, you or your partner might end up pregnant even though you thought you did it right.

Contraception: goodbye unwanted pregnancies

Birth Control
How often do I take the pill? Can I have sex and get pregnant if I take an e-pill? Is it safe to have sex during my period? What about the pull-out method?

So worried I'm pregnant!

Before Pregnancy
I recently had sex with my boyfriend; it was his first time. It was without a condom but I have the Mirena coil. Should I be worried about getting pregnant?