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Spread and snap: the problem with revenge porn

The act of courting has gone digital. Slowly but surely four-page letters and love notes are replaced by emails, sexting, sending disappearing pictures on various apps.

It's not just about not hitting good women

Sexual Harassment
When you think about violence against women, what do you think? Instantly we go to an image of a man physically beating a woman.

Queers are sleeping around: same-sex relationship myths

Sexual Orientation
You've been hanging around for 8 years now. Don't you have somewhere to be...?

Loving your body: a look at body positivity

Female Body
Women’s magazines throw so many messages at you: one article will tell you to love yourself whilst three others tell you how to get a summer body, clear skin, and a vagina that just won’t quit.

Yes, women watch porn, too!

In 2017, 68 years, 24.811 days, and 595.482 hours of footage were uploaded onto Pornhub. You'd assume that there'll be something for everyone.

Femme invisibility: too cute to be gay?

Sexual Orientation
Getting a date as a queer woman in Africa is hard enough – and it gets even harder when you have to come out at every possible corner.

How to be an LGBTQ-ally

Sexual Diversity
How do you have sex? Who's the man and the woman in the relationship? When did you figure out you were gay?

Kink: 50 shades of learning new things

Ways to Make Love
What's BDSM? Being tied up in a dungeon somewhere, getting your buttocks beaten whilst a person in a leather catsuit screams obscenities at you?

Queer dating in Africa: tricky business

Sexual Diversity
Rihanna may have found love in a hopeless place, but would that have been different if she was queer in Africa?

Cruel contraceptives

Types of Birth Control
I just heard about how an IUD (intrauterine device) was poking someone’s womb. My first reaction was to clutch my midriff; the second was to think ‘this can't be real.’