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Using condoms: do's and don'ts

Types of Birth Control
Condoms are a great accessory for sex. Yes, really! But don’t they kill the mood? Well, not as much as worrying about STDs or unwanted pregnancy!

Fiancé received oral sex: should I leave him?

Relationship Problems
My fiancé got oral sex from a sex worker during his bachelor party. He's been apologising for it ever since. Should I call off the wedding?

Yeast infections: top facts

An itch, a burn. That’s how it starts. And then it gets worse. Most women are familiar with this feeling: getting a yeast infection.

Can I take the e-pill before sex?

Choosing the right birth control
I heard that e-pills are most effective the sooner I take them. Can I take them before sex? And would their effect last for the whole weekend?

Dealing with harassment at work: do's and don'ts

Sexual Harassment
You’ve been looking forward to your new job. But your colleague starts harassing you the day you started and now you are dreading going to work.

Emotional abuse: top facts

Sexual Harassment
When we hear the word 'abuse', we often think bruises and slaps. But you can also hurt someone badly with words and other forms of abuse.

Testicles shapes and sizes: top facts

Male Body
Balls, just like penises and vaginas, come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Read on to find out what your testicles say about you!

Talking to sexual violence survivors: do's and don'ts

Sexual Harassment
If someone you know and love is a survivor of sexual violence, it can be really difficult to find the right words when you are trying to comfort and support them.

Vaginal discharge and odour: top facts

Female Body
Vaginal discharge and smell can tell you a lot about your health, and even help you when you are trying to get pregnant. Get all the facts here!

Relationship problems: top five causes

Relationship Problems
Every relationship has its rocky patches. How you tackle issues before they become real problems is key in not letting your love fail.

Too ticklish for foreplay

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
I've recently slept with a guy who was too ticklish to be touched. That made foreplay pretty funny but also difficult. Do you have tips for me?

11 most common contraception myths

Choosing the right birth control
Contraception myths are dangerous: If you believe in the wrong ones, you or your partner might end up pregnant even though you thought you did it right.